14 Feb 2018

Product Development

In search of cost reduction and process automation, the industry found great features in 3D printing: more productivity in less time. The fact is that 3D printers have invaded the industrial sector and have directly impacted the production chain of large companies.

Dependent on outsourced companies or more complex processes that require the use of professional machinery, industries now turn to 3D printing to ensure process agility, producing prototypes and end products much more efficiently. Engineers and designers have found in this type of technology a much more efficient alternative to test products quickly and economically.

If 3D printing applications were previously restricted to small-scale production, we now see a fairly strong movement towards the use of such equipment by large companies, such as the automotive and aviation industries, for example. In this scenario, industries already accumulate achievements: less material waste, reduction or even elimination of logistics costs and of course, a considerable reduction in production costs.

With 3D printing, great ideas could turn into real objects through processes far less complex than traditional forms of production. With the advancement of this type of technology, 3D printers have come to meet the needs of modern industry by offering agility and efficiency in the production of consumer goods for various sectors of the economy. Today's 3D printing equipment can create everything from simple to complex objects, quickly and inexpensively. A big gain for both the traditional industry.

In the additive production process, the objects take shape layer by layer, from the deposition of the material used in the printer. The opposite process occurs in the conventional production line, where the loss of raw material is greater due to the finishing of the product to the final part. It is estimated that by 2025, more than 20% of the new products manufactured in the world will involve some kind of additive process.

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