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DIY Cliever - Hive Bookcase

01 Nov 2017

DIY Cliever - Hive Bookcase

Give your creativity wings and take your designs off the paper!

With the help of 3D printing, you can develop new and innovative products with the convenience and freedom to test, reshape and test again without worrying about the high costs of outsourced prototyping. In addition, various creators are using 3D printing technology for the final parts and products!

In our project of the week, we set up a bookcase that mixes wood and PLA of different colors to give a different air to our office.

Filament: Cliever PLA (various colors)

Printer: CL2 Pro Plus and CL2 Pro

Extrusion Temperature: 175ºC
Table Temperature: 50ºC

Link to File Download:

Cliever Hightlights

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