20 Oct 2017

Cliever is a national highlight in innovation

Cliever is among the 22 cases of innovation in the Brazilian market selected by MEI - Business Mobilization for the Innovation of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI). This is a movement aimed at stimulating the innovative strategy of Brazilian companies and increasing the effectiveness of innovation support policies through constructive and lasting dialogue between private initiative and the public sector.

The cases are compiled in the publication "Innovating is creating value: 22 cases of innovation in micro, small, medium and large companies" initiative of CNI in partnership with SEBRAE. The publication was launched during the 7th Innovation Congress, held from July 26 to 28 in São Paulo.


About Cliever

Founded in 2012, Cliever is a pioneer in the development of 3D printers in Brazil. There are already more than eight models of equipment developed. Highlights include the 3D Cliever SL1 printer, the first to use steriolithography technology in the country, allowing you to print extremely complex objects. It is an alternative to the imported models with a more affordable price, besides the technical assistance in Brazil. It is ideal for activities that require precision, such as orthodontics and jewelry.

Cliever Hightlights