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Leather working with a 3D printer

No, you can’t print in leather — at least not yet. But [Make Everything] has a tutorial about how to produce a custom leather embossing jig with a 3D printer. From a 3D printing point of view, this isn’t very hard to do and you might want to skip over the first six minutes of the video if you’ve done 3D printing before. 

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Sample Print

Follow the step-by-step 3D printing process of an sample piece and follow Cliever on Instagram: @Cliever3D

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Xalingo Case

3D printing as an ally in the process of validating conceptual designs of new products

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Common Questions

<p> Today's post is dedicated to people who are still undecided when it comes to buying a 3D printer.<br> </p>

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Destaques da Cliever